Following is information on the process used to build your website.  I want you to know exactly WHAT, WHEN and HOW MUCH for your website.  I like to meet in person, but we can go through the entire process online.

1) After you contact me, the first step is to meet in person or via a web meeting if you prefer, to discuss the objectives of the website and what functionality you would like the site to have.  During the discussion, I will ask a lot of questions and offer suggestions to ensure I understand precisely what you want

2) After I document what you want in the website, I will put together a contract.   We can review and modify the details of the contract electronically.  My prices are extremely reasonable and the contract is flexible to give either party an out at any time.  

3) If you do not have a web hosting service that you love, or if this is a new site, I prefer to use GoDaddy.  Their plans provide for a managed service that included backups.  I use the GoDaddy Pro Dashboard to monitor your site and get notified if there are any problems.  

4) As I develop your website, there will be check points and you will be able to see the website as it progresses.  It is often easier to work visually with a page.  I may build prototype pages to show you how things can look or to confirm that I have exactly what you are expecting.

5) It is not uncommon to have additions or changes as you see and think of things during the website construction.  If the changes are minor, I can just make adjustments during development.  For more involved additions/changes, we can add a supplemental contract.

6) After completion of your website, we will have a final review.  I will ask you for a written recommendation so that I can add you to my list of client projects.  This is another incentive for me to keep you thrilled with my work.

7) I am very flexible with follow-on maintenance of your website.  I can  a) turn the site over to you or someone you designate,  b) I can perform updates and maintenance on an as-needed basis  or  c) we can establish a yearly contract for maintenance.