Creative design

We start by discussing your goals, ideas and requirements for the site. Then, we drill down to turn your vision into something tangible and effective.

Website construction

If your business or organization needs a website, I can get that built and hosted for you. If you have a website developed with GoDaddy tools, I can rebuild and enhance the website using the more powerful WordPress software.


If you prefer to build your own site and just want some help getting started, I would be happy to help get you going.  Or, build as much as you like and help you take over the maintenance of the website.

Site maintenance

I can help if you have an existing WordPress website and would like someone to make additions and updates for you.  I can also move your existing website to WordPress if you’ve had it built with some other tool.

Content mangement

Getting a website organized so the content makes sense and is easy for a visitor to find is important. I can help structure the content (text, pictures, documents, etc.) so it makes sense for your site visitor to access.

eCommerce & payments

I can install a top commerce solution so you can sell products, tickets, etc. on the web. There are powerful solutions for the WordPress platform and lots of customization and add-on options.  If you only have a a couple of things that you collect money for (i.e. membership dues, meals, outings, donations, etc.) I can set that up quickly as well.

Integration & workflow

If you have existing systems that you would like integrated with your website, I have experience in setting those up.  I will be able to let you know very quickly if what you want is something I can do and how much it will cost.

Custom e-forms

Electronic forms are one of the best ways to gather information and have your customers / members / clients communicate with you.  I can set these forms up and show you how to collect and distribute information from those forms.

Goggle analytics / statistics

Monitoring your website is important so you know how effective it is.  I can setup Google Analytics so that you receive detailed reports on your website and/or get statistics on how often you site is being accessed and which pages are touched the most.

SEO - search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is imperative with today’s websites.  It helps search engines find and index your site so your website shows up when people search for your organization or products / services.


Some developers just focus on website development.  I had a lot of previous experience with systems management tools and understand how important they are.  There are several free things that can be done to help protect your website as well as more fee-based sophisticated tools.  There are also admin practices I will recommend to help keep your website pages and data safe.

Social sites itegration

Almost all of today’s websites need some integration with Facebook, and other social media sites.  I will be able to help you work through the options and set those up.

Calendars & member directories

If you members, volunteers, etc. that need to see your calendar, I can set that up for you and have it so your website calendar syncs with personal calendars. 

I can also setup leadership or team pages with as much detail as you like.

If you would like member directories where each person creates and maintains their own profile/user id/password. I can make this happen for you.

Performance design

When I construct a website, I always consider the performance aspects.  In addition, there are tools that I utilize to improve the speed for your those who access your website.

Email marketing

GoDaddy has an email contact system they call Email Marketing. This is a great way to keep customers interested and members informed.  I can work with that or help you with additional tools like Mail Chimp.