FM Constructors

FM Constructors is a general contractor in Flower Mound.  They needed a new website and had requirements for a plan room (place where subcontractors can look at specific job information) and a subcontractor portal.  I was able to get their site up and running quickly.

“We contracted with Brain Spark Designs to develop and execute our website for our new company. Being a start-up, we needed to make a meaningful impact with our site while watching our budget. Bill was creative and quick to get us up and running while meeting all of our expectations and needs. We will definitely be using him in the future as we grow and our needs change. Bill and Brain Spark Designs were the right fit for us and we cannot recommend him highly enough.”
– Don McDaniel, Owner / Partner, FM Constructors

San Gabriel Lodge #89

San Gabriel Lodge #89 is a Masonic Lodge in Georgetown, Texas.  They needed a new website with a new look and added functionality like a photo history page and an events calendar.  Their webmaster wanted some assistance with technical WordPress issues and getting the site into production quickly.

“I was given the assignment to build a new website for the San Gabriel #89 Masonic Lodge.  I enlisted Bill to help with technical issues when needed and to speed the completion of the site.  Bill was very good at asking questions about the functionality and content that I wanted.  He listened and made suggestions regarding organization, WordPress tools, customizations and more.  Anytime I ran into issues, Bill was very responsive and helped resolve the problem.  Bill even made suggestions that improved the usability of our website. I highly recommend Bill if you need a new website built or want help with an existing website.”
– Mark Pavlovich,  Webmaster, San Gabriel #89 Masonic Lodge

Summit Club of Flower Mound

The Summit Club had their website rebuilt onto WordPress.  I picked up the project from the original developer and added new function, pages and content.  This included integration with YouTube videos and historical photos.  I installed and setup a commerce system to sell tickets and sponsorships for Western Saloon Night, the club’s big fundraising event.  I also setup a members’ portal where members could pay for events / meals / apparel, submit expense reports and access member only documents. 

Working with Bill on a new website for our non-profit was a pleasure.  His professionalism and willingness to work with our leadership in developing something completely new and modern for us was truly refreshing.  He brought great experience and wonderful ideas and combined them with our basic ideas and wants and created a website that is both useful and user friendly!  His follow up and work ethic makes him a great partner.  We appreciate his hard work and dedication!
– Claudio Forest, Summit Club President

FMARC Version 2

I rebuilt the FMARC site using the popular WordPress platform to give it an updated look.  I  also gave the website a lot more functionality utilizing plugins for forms and Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.).  Also, the site looks better on mobile devices.  Most importantly, I was able to add security (SSL) and still save the FMARC money. 

I was named FMARC volunteer of the year for my work (mostly on) the website and email marketing.

FMARC Version 1

I volunteered to maintain the FMARC site.  At first,  I kept the basic structure, and over time, changed the look, added a lot of content and made the PayPal interface work. I also used the GoDaddy Email Marketing tool to send email correspondence to the members.

“Bill has been running the site for our rather large club here in Flower Mound for over a year. He rebuilt it and made it work the way we wanted it to work! He is always quick when making any requested changes. If you have a vision for a website, Bill can make it happen!”
– Lisa Tobin, President, FMARC

D3C Version 2

The requirements for the D3C site changed. Mark wanted more advanced forms, forms management and some other features. We used WordPress hosting from GoDaddy. They provided a temporary site for 60 days so we could create the new site until we cut over. I helped rebuild the site in WordPress and moved/re-created the content. We also built several new forms. We had all this done and tested prior to our cut-over date.

“After a couple of years we found that our needs changed and the system configuration we had could not be adapted. We called Bill Wetherbee and explained our situation. He was very helpful in working with the Internet Service Provider and found what system upgrade would fit our needs. This was very beneficial since we saved money with the upgrade. The new website had the features we needed to meet our membership’s requirements.”
– Mark Pavlovich, VP Technical Services

D3C Version 1

Mark wanted a web presence for his new organization. I consulted with him on how to get started building the website. I trained Mark on page and content creation. I provided advise on everything from organization to usability. I also showed him some “tricks” like adding a Google calendar and posting .PDF content.

“We approached Bill Wetherbee to see if he could help us with our first website for
the Denton County Conservative Coalition. The first thing he did was to identify our “needs” and then our “wants”. That was really a big help for it got our website up and running in a very short time. The website was up and in full operation in time for one out our biggest activity events in the Fall of 2015. He made a specific effort to insure everyone was training on routine maintenance of our website.”
– Mark Pavlovich, VP Technical Services


Mark Glover, wanted a website for a new commercial property development. Mark already had his colors and site template selected along with several MS Word and .PDF documents. He wanted me to organize the content and build the site.

“Bill helped us do a website for a commercial development we are marketing. He was easy to work with, fast, and affordable. I recommend Bill wholeheartedly.”
– Mark Glover, Principal and Broker, iMark Realty Advisors


My wife is on the board of The Flower Mound Foundation. This site was created in WordPress.  I was “voluntold” to add a page and PayPal capability for an Eagle Scout project.   Since then, I have been maintaining the site along with adding filters and additional tools to greatly reduce the SPAM blog posts.  I also installed and configured a commerce system so they can sell books on their site.  The Flower Mound Foundation wants the site refreshed with a new look.  I will be working on that as well.  

“For a small non-profit, a website is always a problem. We know we need a site, but no one on the board has the experience, the expertise, or the time to build a site. We hired a firm to build one, but then the ongoing maintenance became a problem.
Bill picked up the maintenance of our Flower Mound Foundation’s website. He is able to listen to us tell him what we want to see, in non-website terms, and then comes back with built pages. He has updated our site, added tools, and updated security to get rid of spam blog posts that had been a problem.
He also installed commerce software so we can sell items on the web. Our plans include revamping the website to get an updated look. We will utilize Bill for these updates.
I highly recommend Bill.”
– Al Picardi, President, The Flower Mound Foundation